Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What We've Been Up To

It's hot
Super hot
Stupid super hot

No riding since the last update. I did buy a watermelon for the boys, and that was a hoot to watch. I've got some pictures I'll work on getting posted - Ransom devoured his, while Romeo took a little nibble & left the rest go uninterested. Ransom was delightful to watch, pushing his whole mouth into the melon quarter, juice & slobber running out his mouth. :) Cute!

Went out to feed last night, and found Rans lost front left shoe. Not a surprise - they're a few days over due. Both are scheduled for trims (Rans reset) on Friday. With the heat, it's not heartbreaking we'll have to take it light.

Monday night, R and I went to a church-group house rebuild project, and helped out. He framed out a window & got the window set. I did light lifting, a little hammering, and some clean up of scraps & demo trash. Nice to "get out there & feel a little useful" in the community.

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