Thursday, August 12, 2010

PSA - I Need to Improve, Too

Got another notice yesterday or so - a prayer request for a cowboy in the hospital, healing from a rodeo accident. Like Courtney King Dye, Graham was riding an "experienced, well trained horse" that stumbled, and went down.

I am praying for Courtney's complete recovery, and for Graham as well. I remember reading about Mikey taking a splat, and changing her habits, too.

I've gotten lax again about my helmet usage. It's hot, I sweat, and Romeo is 98% of the time the best of a saint in the saddle. Ransom hasn't seen me without a helmet in quite some time, no matter the saddle. But I read these stories, and if the experts can splat, so can I.

Strap One On!


Wolfie said...

I never ride without a helmet and never will. You don't have to be "riding" to have an accident. The other day, while sitting on my horse, I took my helmet off to adjust the strap. As I had the helmet in my hands, my horse bent down to scratch his face on his leg and he lost his balance and actually went down on his knees. I almost went over his neck and into the fence. It can happen so quickly.

JennyB said...

I really needed this reminder so thanks a lot!!! I'm in central Texas so yeah, it's hot, hot, hot and I've been lax about wearing mine too. I wouldn't let the kids do it so I have to give them a good example.