Monday, August 2, 2010

07/30/10 What Ransom Loves

Nothing makes my pony giddy more than a trail ride. Now, fences may do that, but I've jumped so few, and been so focused on my body position, I haven't watched his body language much. I'd need someone observing to comment there.

Friday, after work, which was less than pleasurable, I grabbed Ransom for a quick ride. Western saddle, baucher bit, I'm sure we looked quite the pair. I quickly mounted up, walked him towards the barn. He took a 180-turn, and headed straight down the road.

A few times, he tried breaking to the trot, head bouncing, ears flipping every which way, and generally springie in his steps. Never have I had a bouncing 10-walk like that in the arena, though some day I hope to. He certainly was stepping out, on light contact, looking every which way, and expressing to me a wild amount of happiness.

We walked around for about 25 minutes. Anytime we'd head towards the house, he'd poke along slow. Heading towards the house the first time, he tried walking down every driveway, making me tug him with reins & legs to stay on the road.

It's the funniest thing! Ransom LOVES to go for an adventure walk, even if it's just down the road. I've got to start doing this more often, as stress breaks from the dressage work. He hates coming back home...

Sometimes, so do I...

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GunDiva said...

That is so much fun when you know they're enjoying themselves.