Saturday, August 21, 2010

08/20/10 Just a Walk, Or

Ransom and I headed out mid-afternoon. There was a nice gusty breeze going on, and, in the shade, it was a tolerable time for a ride. Not super hot, and as long as the wind kept moving, and the shady trees were around, I figured we could have a nice short walk down the road & back.

Ransom had other plans. He wanted to trot trot trot away from home. "No sir. We're supposed to be relaxing! Didn't you see the saddle? And the bit? And Momma's Troxel helmet? We are r-e-l-a-x-i-n-g!" Nah, no-go.

So I walked him out in the pasture, to the arena. His "whoa" was ugly. I did light contact, and as long as he stayed relaxed, I stayed out of his way. Walk, whoa. Yuck. Trot, walk, better. Walk, whoa. Yuck again. Trot, Canter, Trot, not so bad. Heading left he tried to avoid the canter, but after shut down halt & back up twice or thrice, he realized that canter quick is a whole lot easier.

We ended up working. For nearly 35 minutes. That was so entirely not my plan. I wanted to relax, I wanted to ride light, I didn't want to work work. Grr...

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