Monday, August 2, 2010

08/01/10 Romeo Prepares

Romeo and I took a late evening ride, in preparation to "get the goofies off" before his Vacation Bible School debut Sunday night.

And goofies he was. As hot as it was, I expected a quiet horse. Instead, I got a running fool. All the little man wanted to do was gallop gallop. And so we did. I certainly wasn't pretty, but did my best to keep him upright & straight.

After about 15 minutes, he decided all that running really wasn't worth the effort. We settled into all our normal workout, walk, posting trot, sitting jog, canter, turns on fore/haunches, sidepassing, backing up. I ended each walk with a few steps of backup, hoping to reinforce something I saw and am testing from HorseMaster TV. Julie began the teaching of a solid western stop with backups and tight circles. Anytime you halt from walk, or trot, back up a few steps, and stand still a minute. Anytime a canter/lope halt is on the forehand, immediately trot a circle on the opposite lead. I haven't gotten to the lope/halt work yet, but I've been reinforcing the walk & trot to halt.

Romeo and I played goofy for about 45 minutes. When his canter is soft, it's amazing fun to ride. I can feel each hooffall, and swing my hips not only front/back but left/right to move with him. It's super relaxing.

Makes me wonder what the hell am I thinking trying to sell him ...

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