Monday, August 16, 2010

08/13/10 Ransom Wanted To

Ransom and I headed to the arena late in the evening, saddled, but lightly padded and fitted with side reins. I was in riding pants and a tshirt, but no helmet - Purposely, as I had no intentions on riding. Why the pants? To give him the thought otherwise...

I let him lunge out a little while just in the halter, to "get the goobers out". He sneezed & snortled a little, then I added the bridle & side reins.

Oh my boy... My senior horse who has his "baby days".. He wanted a "gallop day". His behavior, his attitude, his "coupla bucks" up into canter-left, my goodness more than life that sweet old man wanted me to fix up the arena fence, "tie up" the gate, and let him go...

But I refused. I lunged him on side reins for about 20-25 minutes, evenly each way, a handful of direction changes. After our first left, then right, he slowed himself to a stop, and walked right up to me, head down, soft eyes, with this face that said, "Okay, Mom. I'm done, warmed up. Hop yourself up here! Riding lately has been easier than this, so I don't wanna lunge anymore." Sorry sweet soul.. back out there.

He ended on a good note, and finally quit the "bucking into canter left." Happy man, with new feet, a late evening work, and even a few deer sprinting across the back of the arena. Happy horse..

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