Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Harley 09-25-10

I walked out to his pasture, cookies and grain in-hand. It was Saturday, Harley's first day here, and his first supper.

I dumped Ransom's grain.
I dumped Romeo's grain.
I called out to Harley.
And he didn't come.
I called again.
Still nothing.

Knowing Harley has had grain before, and probably just wasn't used to my schedule, I walked out to him.

He was shy, timid, and a bit more than unsure of this new-smelling lady in his territory. I reached my hand towards his nose, and offered him up a cookie. He very carefully put his lips out, trying to grab cookie-only. Munch munch. I showed him the grain in the can, and told him, "Okay buddy. Thissa way. Too much here to hand feed you."

And I lured him. A little grain at a time in-hand, and a little walking. I walked Harley all the way to his bucket, and showed him where supper would go.

He ate, happily, but kept a cautious eye on me, obviously still concerned I was nearby. Not wanting to disturb digestion, I went on my way, back inside. As I left, Harley nickered at me. You're welcome, LittleMan.

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