Monday, September 20, 2010

9/20/10 The Show That Didn't

I got in great rides last week, despite the weather. The arena held up just good enough, and we were able to work through all the gaits, and mentally ride through the two tests.

However, it absolutely poured down all weekend, both at my house, and at the show grounds. The show manager (barn owner) and I already had a little scuffle about registration. She was clearly irked I didn't register earlier, and I was equally annoyed I didn't have control over the previous weeks' weather to know if I'd be able to register. Suddenly, I was owing extra funds for not registering early enough, and not "committing seriously" to the event. Nevertheless, I obeyed all the rules, and got about my weekend of planning.

Saturday afternoon, after cleaning tack, washing & ironing clothes, polishing boots, and clipping Ransom, I checked the radar, again. Pouring down both here, and there.
Email came in around 6pm, suggesting that it was now up to popular opinion whether the show would go on, due to the weather. I stayed quiet. Honestly, I didn't "have a dog in the hunt", since my monies hadn't been paid. We were to get an official answer "by 6pm at the latest".

At 6:15, another email pours in, now containing pictures and another "please tell me what to do" request. So I did, sort of..
Here's a thought to consider, if I have any say at all in the matter..Are the horses going to risk injury in the soft muddy grass? Is any show ribbon in the series worth injury? If I get there, and see no safe sound place to warm up, I will pay my tab, and leave. I love to show, but I feel a greater sense of responsibility to not put my horse in harm's way. Maybe consider if you would put your own horses in the riding areas to warm up for a show such as this...
The response I got, was something like this...
The only reason I'm considering it is some folks are begging me to have the show. If you are concerned for your horse's safety, and you have every right to be, scratch now, for no charge.

And I did. The pictures still bug me. There was a covered arena for show, but that's only 10% of the overall ride. The warmup was going to be held outside, in grassy areas, obviously completely saturated with water. Puddles covered the outdoor arena, and areas around those marked for riding.

I love blue ribbons, I love to show. But I love Ransom more.

The rains have continued since, thus my lack of riding. This afternoon, my bigger dog, MacKenzie is going to the vet, so I don't see saddle time tonight, either. Either way, this week, I will be going down the road aboard a horse, even if I'm covered in my oilskin coat, and admit my saddle might get wet.


Yankecwgrl said...

You made the RIGHT decision that SO many people can't make. That one (or two) ribbon(s) is not important enough to risk injury to your critter!
Kudos Jen!

Jennifer said...

I'm not really bummed about missing the show.
I'm a little concerned it happened anyways, wondering what those motives were.
As for me, I feel too responsible for Ransom's well being to risk it, just for two ribbons & scores I didn't even need for championships.

Stephanie said...

I think you made the best decision.So not worth risking injury just for ribbons.

Bummer about missing the show, I really love reading your show blogs, you describe the tests so wonderfully that I can actually imagine you and Ransom riding the tests!

Guess I'll just have to wait for next time :) Hope your weather clears up quickly!