Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Harley 09-26-10 AM

I went out to feed breakfast, and Harley greeted me with a nicker early. I dumped his grain, tossed him more hay, and stood by watching. He ate a little less nervous.

After breakfast, before going to church, I had a hint of free time. I went outside, and found Harley munching grass.

I walked up to him. He walked away. He got just far enough away to be out of reach. Monster... so I walked up gently and without making ANY eye contact with him.

I was hoping I would get to scratch on him, and love on him, but such was not the case. Harley took a little pat on the nose, then walked away.

uh oh LittleMan. Working with you could be a challenge, if I can't even get my paws on you.. geez, somebody here needs to show you I'm harmless.

1 comment:

Yankecwgrl said...

Harley sounds anti-social and non lovey dovey huh?
Poor guy!
I'm sure you will work it out!