Monday, July 26, 2010

07/23/10 Ransom Wheezy

Mr.Dale to the rescue! He arrived early Friday morning, reattaching shoes & fixing loose nails. The weather has not been shoe-supportive, and I can't blame Dale for that. It's either super dry, or super muddy. Yuck! Ransom was sent back to pasture with strict orders to "keep it easy on that set until he can get back to trim again."

Later in the evening, I gathered up Ransom in dressage gear, decided that it would be best to keep four hooves on the ground.

He not only agreed, he decided this wasn't a good day to work. About ten minutes into work, he started breathing a little harder, which is normal for the weather & workload. Then, pretty quickly, he gave me some long, wheezy, stretching-his-nose out coughs. To get an idea what I was trying to work with, cough long & hard, and expel all of the air out of your lungs. Take a note of what your back does - now imagine being aboard the equine that tries this little trick. It tossed me forward, pulled the reins all the way to the buckle, repeatedly. As a result of the long wheezies, he was also stumbling.

I gave it about fifteen minutes, and discovered he'd only wheezy cough if he was asked to work solid-hard, like a collected trot or canter. Little jog? Okay. Steady marching walk? Okay, too.

I gave it up for the day , and chose Saturday off as well.

more on Sunday tomorrow, and hopefully, a great update from tonight.

Romeo has a whole series of stories to tell. *cute little monster*

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