Monday, July 12, 2010

Week of 7/05/10

Monday - Lessons at BRM
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - rain rain rain

Tuesday evening, Romeo and I worked in a little ride. Nothing real intense or serious - hunter saddle, walk, trot in the side yard. He was good. I'm trying to work on a very loose rein, keeping him relaxed & paying attention to me.

Another one of 'em, again, I think.. I caught a quick work on Ransom. Found him decently light in my hands, and reinforced the forward. Yeah.. That was Wednesday. He was a pretty good boy. Nothing spectacular, but nothing horrific, either.

Thursday late afternoon, R and I departed for vacation. Got to hang out with friends and family. We got home on Saturday, and I immediately transitioned from 'vacationing' to show prep.

Jen had prepared nearly everything for us. Trailer was packed, tack was clean. All remained for me was loading my own things in the truck, and resting. Mosquitoes had taken up shelter in each and every damp spot in the yard, and were running the activities. I darted from truck to house, sprinted from back door to barn & back. I swell up & itch for weeks if I even get one mosquito bite. Let's not even talk about how miserable it is if I get bit multiple times & scratch them because I forget I was nibbled. Oi Vey

Sunday, we arrived at Freestyle Farm nice & early. Jen gave Ransom a quick scrubby bath while I checked in and got ready.

The Show.. The Show... Details to follow... If you follow me on Facebook, you already know the ribbons, and a bit about the scores. There's sooo much more than dear Facebook tells.

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