Friday, July 16, 2010

7/15/10 Nyah Nyah Nyah

That was Ransom last night, laughing at me in his perfect forward trot, his gawgeous 10-walk.. I could hear him muttering, "This is how good I work when I'm back in my routine! ha ha silly Momma!"

I was surprised after my work day... The "Arena Fairy" came to the house, and mowed the arena and the path to it from the barn. Hooray! However, same AF also ran over my purple lunge whip, and it will be sorely missed. It's blue replacement will work well (thank you), but it's just not as purple. *giggle*

I kept it very short. About 10 minutes or less on the side reins lunge, and another 20 or less under saddle. The work was nice, and light. We lost some collection at times, but he had the forward a whole lot better than at the last show. Towards the end, he got a little crabby about walk/halt, but they got better, so I quit.

I suspect this weekend I'm going to take a dressage break, dig out the cavaletti again, and my hunt saddle. Put some miles over poles. Break up the monotony for both of us.

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