Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Rasp Enema Where it Belongs

Mrs.Mom has been very judicious in her delivery of the Rasp Enema. Here's a recent example. I'm sure she can come along, comment, and add a few other examples. She and I have been emailing this week, and, while we have a few personal and private targets in mind for the blessed Rasp, I have one I'd like to publically call out.

You little thing on Facebook, who can't connect first names, last names, profiles, and links. My first name, Jennifer, is ridiculously common in my generation. Following someone else's comments, to my profile, then to my blog, where you copy, paste, and steal my words. If reading my blog about the last horse show "blows your dress up", and gives you what you believe to be good entertainment, I'm happy for you. Since you're of the mind to follow me, keep on reading. We all tell plenty of horse stories around here, and occasionally, a conservatively-minded post hits the page. However, at least do me the favor of connecting my comments to my profile. Mixing someone else's comments up with my blog, will just land you a little more than embarassment. (You wanted attention, right? Well here it is!)

I love me a good hearty political debate. Hearing other points of view is intriguing, and sometimes, educational. What I don't learn from, however, is the cursing, name-calling, and general "I'm gonna tell on you" immaturity. In my few years of political persuasion, I've learned one solid thing - when Conservatives disagree with an opinion, we just disagree with the beliefs. When a Liberal disagrees with an opinion, they resort to name-calling, cursing, and general attack of the person. They can't defend their opinion, so they attack the opinion-holder.

Long life a good debate, but the Rasp will be delivered as appropriate.

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Mrs Mom said...

We're gonna need a bigger rasp ;)

Want me to save a couple extra for you? Remember--- warm up good and cool down carefully after a rasp workout. It will save on extreme muscle soreness later on ;)