Friday, July 2, 2010

Hurricane Alex

The hurricane didn't make landfall here, and for that I'm thankful.

It did, however, make a mell of a hess =) of the property. I got home last night to puddles in all the normal heavy rain spots. In an effort to keep Ransom calm, and reduce the hoofprint damage to the arena & pastures, I stayed in last night. Tonight will be more of the same. This means I'll be travelling to BRM for lessons tomorrow with two horses that have had over a week off each.

Normally, that might mean goofy/spazzy/crazy. In the case of Romeo, it'll most likely mean quiet, somber, responsive, willing to please. For Ransom, it'll mean stiff to start, then very eager to please. I'm looking forward to the trip tomorrow.

As preparation, I get to bathe both boys tonight, in the puddles. Yuck!! I do need to think up a plan to keep 'em mostly clean. Otherwise, I'll be spraying off caked mud tomorrow morning before departure. Double Yuck!

The long 4th weekend doesn't bring anymore exciting plans than that. Hah! It just now occurred to me, I'm off on Monday. I get a 3-day weekend after all. Extra time to catch up on all the chores that will be put off tomorrow. *sigh* That's relieving! Better, and I bait the crew with partial news... I'm going out of town on Thursday thru Saturday...

wait,, wait.. If you read FFI's, you'll see there's a show coming on the 11th. So why o' why, would I schedule being out of town three days before a show?! Am I n-v-t-s? Nah, I just trust Ransom that much. But will I tell ya where I'm going? Not a snowball's chance in.. oop! Blog's rated G, I'll behave..

Who wants to guess where I'm headed? C'mon!! It'll be fun! Maybe if I can think up something nifty, I'll even toss in a prize for the closest guess. Miss Jennifer, you can't play, sorry sweetie. You're part of the big plan, so you can't give away the surprise!! shhhhh....

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