Wednesday, July 14, 2010

7/13/10 Hooves Made for Walking

First up, thanks for the "boosts" about the behavior encountered last Sunday. I appreciate knowing it wasn't just me thinking it was rude, and that's completely acceptable behavior in the horse show world.

Last night, I surveyed the ground, the grass, and the mosquito population before grabbing my saddle. I tacked Ransom up Western, with his twisted wire bit, and headed into the pasture. We walked and walked, and jogged, and pranced, and giggled through the pasture.

He was silly. In the arena, in his dressage "circle" he's been practicing in, he was slow, and behaving like a worker-bee. In the rest of the arena, and the majority of the pasture, he was nearly giddy. Ears flinging all about, a walk so vigorous he was serious ground-covering. (muttermumble. It'd be a 10-free walk, but OF course I can't get that in the show ring) When we wandered into some higher grass, either due to tickly high grass, or mosquitoes, Ransom was insistent he be in trot. I collected him, considering if I made it "work", he'd rather walk. Instead, he arched his neck, rounded his back, and pranced in this little jiggy trot. *giggle*

Ransom seemed to seriously enjoy the "work". I did put him through all three gaits long enough to remind him that work is still work on his dressage "circle". With the exception of some arguing, he did have a few nice transitions, and some nice work at trot. Into canter was a little beyond yuckie, but I wasn't expecting much.

Total "ride work" about 10 minutes. Total walking nutty around the pasture? About 25 minutes. Fun overall. Once I get the arena mowed back short, and find fairies to shred the pasture, we'll be way back in business as normal. And I think it's about time to get those ground poles and cavaletti back in-service.

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