Monday, July 19, 2010

The Weekend I Should Have..

Should have ridden more...
Friday, R and I went out to dinner with friends. =) A restful time, and a relaxing evening.
Saturday, I should have ridden. But it got hot, I got whiney, and the newly installed thermal-backed curtains talked me into staying inside. R and I went out to see "Despicable Me". And Oh my gosh it's funny! Funniest part? As Gru walks into the "Bank of Evil - Formerly Lehman Brothers" ... *snort funny*

Sunday, the weather finally broke just a little. So I got my tail feathers back in action.
Romeo worked in his hunt seat, in the side yard. I am happy to report his walk/halt/walk is back to picture perfect for him. Head low, light contact. The trot is coming back, with the occasional head-tossing lack of muscle development.

He really didn't believe me that he could canter for 7-9 strides in the side yard, but he did. They were ridiculously ugly, I supposed because he was more worried about the small space than the actual gait he was travelling in. Fair enough, it'll get better as his muscles improve again.

Total work, while a thunderstorm loomed a few miles off, and harsh winds whacked us about, around 30 minutes.

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