Wednesday, July 28, 2010

07/26 What Pony Do I Have?

Is he a dressage superstar winning high score ribbons?
Is he a dressage wannabe, with weenie horrid scores, and Momma who doesn't prep enough?

Nah, he's a hunter! Just ask him! Ransom and I enjoyed a really relaxing 30 minutes under saddle Monday night, and, about 20 minutes in, I heard thunder.

So I lightened the work. I quickly got some canter in both leads, but shortly slowed to trot/walk transitions.

He was sweet. We got some nice work in, but managed to stay quiet despite the weather. Yup, weather. Thunder loomed to the north of us, and the clouds spooked the sky. Quickly, the thunder was atop of us on three sides of the pasture. I called it good, and done.

After I unsaddled,
hosed him off,
put his crib collar back on,
and got him to his pasture,
the skies opened up,
and for about fifteen minutes,
it POURED rain.

Thank goodness I got my ride in before the weather hit. It rained some Monday, Tuesday, and today, while it wasn't raining, the arena is too slippery to chance it. We'll try again if the ground allows tomorrow.

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