Friday, December 3, 2010

12-02-10 Ransom

Ransom got about three to four minutes on the side reins each way. The sunshine is dimming a little every evening, and that leaves little time for solid rides. He got the hint quickly I meant work and business, so he complied.

I got on and rode a bomb of energy. He was ridiculously forward, and was actually disciplined with some harsh half-halts when he wouldn't mind. Obviously happy about the weather, he then thought it'd be fun to hang on the forehand, and pull the reins out of my hands, which pitches me forward in the tack, and causes me to squeeze, justifying him going even faster. Monster...

After some strong half-halts, and a talking-to, I got some of the most excellent trot work imaginable. If I sat, he got even more forward, so I steadied his gait with my posting rhythm. Nevertheless, it was still outstanding work, and I was able to bend him through some serpentines, and some 1-loops as we'll be riding in Training #4.

Countdown to Championships, 8 days. Dec 11th. I have yet to receive ride times or any additional information. Hope that means I filled it all out right and sent it in correctly. *sigh* That would sure stink, wouldn't it?! If they say they didn't get it all in time. pfft. Let's be hopeful, shall we?

After the ride, and saddle removed, it was still rather humid out, and Ransom was quite sweaty after working in his winter furr. So we stood together a while, and we talked. I asked him what he wants to do with the rest of his life, and where he'd like to be. He nuzzled my hands. I don't know if that meant, "Stay with me", or "Got another cookie in there?" I've got some serious thinking and deciding to do here very soon. A lot of options before me, and I need to think very long and hard before I do anything outrageous I could regret..

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