Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12/6/10 Harley Meet Dr. Sam Pt II

Dr. Sam had his tech, Seth, set Harley up on their gravel driveway. Sam said to me quite cheerfully, "If he's got any lameness issues, this gravel sure will show it."

On the first trot-off, Harley hopped up in the air, all four feet off the ground, obviously terrified of all the clucking, kissing, and arm-waving that went on around him. *giggle* I told Dr. Sam, "I've been trying to teach him to trot off in hand, and it hasn't gone so well. Sorry about that." Sam replied, "Oh it's okay. He'll know how to do it when we're done here today."

Flexion up front, on both legs, 100% completely, totally, sound!

Before moving to the rear legs, another client showed up to retrieve a mare in the paddocks. He loaded her, and drove his truck and trailer directly by Harley and the vet's staff.. I stood to the side, cautious. You know, that cautious, "OMG, if Harley does spook, he's going to end up on the highway, in traffic, and... OMG I hope he's quiet." Harley watched the truck, trailer, and mare go by, and didn't even raise his head to do it. Completely passive about the whole event. *whew*
Then onto the back legs. Dr. Sam tested his entire rear leg, in parts. First, the lower half, then the upper half. Each in its own time. Each time, as Harley trotted off, Sam stared, studied, in his deep concentration sort of way. He kept grinning at me after each piece, as if he had a secret he didn't want to tell me.
Rear legs flexion, 100% completely, totally, sound!
Dr. Sam hoof tested each foot, squeezing in all kinds of places. Not a wiggle, not a flinch, not a hesitation from Harley - he just stood there, statue-still. Hooves? Pass!
The Good Doctor asked me what I intended to do with Harley, and so I told him. He then said, "If he were any older, and had done any strenous work, I'd suggest radiographs. Honestly, since you know his history, you know what he's done, where he's been, there's nothing worth looking at further. He's good to go, no problems, no issues." I asked about the old scar on his front right hoof, inside. As hard as it was hoof tester squeezed, with no reaction, it's cosmetic only. The same with the indentation on his rear left quarters. Dr. Sam explained that it's a surface muscle, in a group of muscles that are very thick, and very strong, but serve only to hold other very important using muscles together. "It's a connecting band of muscles, not a functioning band. It's not bothering him, so again, only cosmetic."
I'm waiting for the final report write-up to arrive at the house. That all being said..
Dramatic Drum Roll Please.. (badabadabadabadabadabadabadabadabadabadabada)...
I contacted Harley's current owner, and told her, "Write him up, Bill of Sale, terms and conditions as already discussed. I'd like to keep him, if that's alright by you."
That makes it all but a signed check of official... Luken For Blue Skies, aka Harley, is now a member of the family.

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