Tuesday, December 7, 2010

12/6/10 Harley Meet Dr. Sam

Sunshine in the sky, turned on the all-heavenly vaccuum cleaner yesterday afternoon. You know the one.. That mysterious suction that, if you stand in the hallway at work long enough, pulls you right out the door, and sets the "out of office assistant" right on your heels? Yeah, that one.

I went home, hooked up the truck and trailer, caught Harley, wrapped his legs, and loaded him on the trailer. Big step up for a little guy, and after one cautious look inside the trailer, he stepped right in. I drove carefully to the vet, paying attention to traffic, but more to his behavior. Not a step, not a sound. A peaceful ride.

Arrived at the vet's office, told Harley to wait patient, and walked up to the office to let them know I'd arrived. As I walked back to the trailer, Harley called out to me, and I grinned. "You ready to get outta there? I'm sure glad you see me, and you're happy about it." When I opened the trailer compartment to unload him, Harley turned around, thinking he could walk out forwards. "Nope. No go buddy." I turned him around, and backed him out carefully. With a few hesitant steps, he unloaded. As soon as that first hind hoof hit the gravel driveway, he relaxed.

One of the other patient horses called out to him, and Harley answered. I wiggled the lead rope and scolded him, and he dropped his head. A cute apology, I thought. I unwrapped his legs, and introduced him to Dr. Sam.

Sam walked him over to the stocks as I rolled the last leg wrap. I watched carefully, and noticed, not another sound from Harley, nor a hesitation as he walked right into the stocks. There was another patient horse in the other stocks, um, oh, about 20ft away. They exchanged glances, but nothing more.

Harley stood quiet for the entire physical exam. Temperature, heart, lungs, gut sounds, ears, and the like. Dr. Sam had nothing but compliments.

Last to complete, was the soundness exam. Flexion tests on front legs, and rear, including hocks and stifles. How did he do? Well you'll just have to wait and see... 'Cause I'm gonna drag this one out a little!


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