Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to List For Sale

I've read blog entries like this a half dozen times or more. Honestly, I've been searching for a little over a month now. While this may not benefit a single darn person out there, I'm going to vent just a bundle, and if by some miracle chance somebody listing a horse for sale stumbles on this entry, maybe, just maybe, they might learn something.

  1. Good Pictures! I don't mind a little mud, but clean up the legs, and a straight shot, please? Not head-down, grazing, at an angle to the shoulders. All this does, is make me think you're hiding something
  2. Video! If your darling baby is listed as ridable, PROVE IT! All three gaits, both directions. I don't need professional quality, so get your husband, boyfriend, BFF, your teenage child who owes back taxes, I don't care... even the stall mucker can hold a camera for ten or fifteen minutes. Show me the trot going both ways, and please show me your horse can canter both leads! A one-leaded horse, in dressage? Hmm.. bad bad bad...
  3. Describe their temperment. Don't tell me little miss mare is a delightful ride, tell me if she is a "Pocket pony" or if she's all business all the time. Is your horse cheerful? Happy to see you every day?
  4. Give me their faults outright. As a result of all of my bad search trips, I've started to ask quite the list. "Does your horse kick out? Will they pick up all four feet willingly? How many extra aids are you adding on to make them go forward? Have they EVER thrown a temper tantrum about anything, ever, in their entire life?"

I'm sure it doesn't help my cause each and every prospect I've searched for is at least 2 hrs drive one way. But I AM in Texas, and everything here is big, and far off. I don't mind the drive, but I've started asking all the stupid questions, digging for behavioral problems before I ever commit to the trip.

If this helps you, great. Mostly, this was just for me, to get all the gripes off my chest. I'm going to get back to searching now.

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