Sunday, December 19, 2010

12/18/10 Heartbreak

Ransom went back to BRM today. He let me know how he felt about it very early, getting away from R trying to change his blanket in the yard. Took a few scary minutes to catch him, but he was uninjured. Loaded, and arrived safely mid-morning.
Very little words were shared as we put him in their round pen. I got to say my tearful goodbye's, and so did R. I left him with his vet records, turnout blanket and sheet, and love.
We walked off at one point, but I snuck out of the barn moments later... and got the "head up Hi Mom!" face. I snuck another smooch before driving off.

"Farewell, good friend. When it hurts a little less, maybe I will come see you again. Until then, take it easy! Don't overdo it! No galloping fits, no sillyness! Babysit those folks that will exercise you... no jumping high, no trotting extended. Just go easy, eat lots, and love more.."

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