Tuesday, December 7, 2010

12/4/10 Harley, The Video


I really thought this went out yesterday. Note the random musical selection. *grin* How funny!!

I got about 45 minutes of total video, and this is probably the better of the clips. I longed him a while, to get a good video of his movement, rode a while for the camera... Then we worked on a few leg yields, which went particularly better than I figured they would.

Finally, this linked video clip was collected. Directly after this video was taken, Harley was sweaty, and warm... So I walked him over to the pond, and dismounted in the field somewhere near the pond.

Hand walked him over to it, and, with a little encouraging, he stuck all four feet proudly in the water. Splashed around with a front hoof a bit, and laughing at him, I carefully led him out, and back to the house.

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