Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2010 Goal Update

Now, this cheers me up.. I set some pretty high goals, and I got super close to meeting them!

Learn to ride a good sitting trot - Ransom.
Complete! I don't have a lot of video to prove it, but I can drop my stirrups, collect him up pretty, and sit that trot!

Compete Ransom Training Level 1 & 2 with two scores 67% or better.
Fail, Sort of ... top Training 1 & 2 score of the year? 64.348% was the highest. I say "sort of" because look at the next one! Smoking GOOD!

Compete Ransom Training Level 3 & 4 with at least one score over 60%.
Complete! 65.2% and 67.2% , both for Training 3

Compete Ransom Hunter over Fences 2' with a clear round at a schooling show.
Fail... Change in plans. I decided to focus 100% on dressage, and with those scores above, I think it was the right decision.

Determine a "Career Path" for Romeo & stick with it.
Complete! His Career Path? My ultimate stress relief, my mail carrier, my trail partner, my all-purpose "hey I wanna test this out but if I suck at it Mo won't mind" horse.

The extra achievements I never expected?
Adult Amateur Highpoint Sash winner at TWO HDS Schooling Shows! TWICE!


Jessie said...

Congrats on reaching many of your goals! Also, on your success in the Dressage ring! How exciting :-) I've been keeping an eye on your blog as dressage is something I am going to pursue now! Thanks for sharing your tests and scores, they are really helping me learn more about the sport.

I think you're doing the right thing with Ransom, no matter how hard it will be.

Jennifer said...

Jessie.. Really?! I'm so glad to read you're learning from my tests and comments. That makes me feel even better about posting them up for everybody to read - someone else learned from them other than just me. Excellent!

Thanks for sharing that with us!