Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12/7/10 Ransom, not yet!

Ransom got to enjoy the entire arena Tuesday night, as I worked through all of the pieces of Training Test #4. The "one loops" were pretty darn good, and to my absolute delight, the canter work was fantastic! Absolutely zero change in stride from the straightaways to the circle. Fantastic! We even had a few fabulous transitions down to trot right at the center marker. His stretch trot right still isn't super long&low, but it's pretty good. The free walk, by far my favorite part right now - he's coming in and out of it from working walk without that goofy "please let me trot" spat.

As he started getting tired, he also started getting lazy. Hanging on the forehand, leaning on my hands, I believe in a attempt to pull my shoulders out of socket. I wriggled and battled, and finally started hard half-halting back at him every time he did it. With a few huge stumbles up front, Ransom seemed to remember that if he leans on me, he doesn't stay up right very long. Right after each half-halt, I was releasing big, and when he tripped he did it hard.

Cheer up Ransom! You're supposed to be a great ride Tuesday! It's Thursday you get to be a goober, and make me wonder what we're doing.. Oh yeah, readers delight.. Great Things coming this weekend.. CountDown, 3. More. Days. Can you wait that long?!

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