Tuesday, December 7, 2010

12/5/10 Ransom Delight

We're like a hand and glove. A matched set of fine china. A great CD in an awesome sound system...

Ransom and I enjoyed about 45 minutes together, after a nice longe on the side reins, I hopped aboard. All the transitions were pretty, all his trot work was steady.

What I'm learning to love, is his canter. I played a little with stride length, pushing with my seat a few strides, and then relaxing a few, just to see what would happen. Ransom enjoyed the game, because I could feel him push from behind when I moved my hips more.

Enjoyable, and at least four times I caught myself smiling without being intentional about it.

Something big is coming! Countdown, 4 days. Can you figure it out??

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