Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Harley and I had a MUCH better day than Friday. He was fairly motivated, and much less wobbly. We also rode a bunch of serpentines, and a handful of smaller circles. 45 minutes of good solid flatwork. After a bit of arguing about canter departures, I was happy to feel him round up and give me some lightly collected canter. After each set of nice canter work, back down to trot, I'd ask him to stretch down. He responded, both directions. Very nice, and I believe a sign he's picking up on the collected canter.

Romeo and I lost track of time. I didn't have my watch on, so I didn't ride the exact set times of each gait in his fitness plan. When we finished up, it'd been about 35 minutes total. Lots of walking around, bending, circling. I did quite a bit of work with the reins resting on his neck, guiding him around with just my legs. That was fun. Neat to know he is that tuned to what I want. Only a few times did I have to pick up the reins in that trot work to get a good turn or a decent reaction. He's not "spin on a dime off just my legs", but he will get the idea after a few strides and make a gradual turn.

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