Thursday, January 5, 2012

Boss 1-4-12

Boss had a LONG day yesterday. I went out to feed breakfast, and found a handful of grain and all his hay from supper still sitting. He nibbled at breakfast grain, but wasn't really interested. I called R, and asked him to "go visit" Boss in a while and see how he was feeling and acting. I tore off down the highway to work (and said my prayers as I sped by the county-mounty police officer on the highway).

R called around 8:00am. Said Boss hadn't touched his breakfast, and wasn't acting quite himself. I took emergency vacation from work the rest of the day, and by 8:30am, I was on the road home. I called Dr Sam on the way, got some instructions, and kept on for home. Arrived back home around 9:15am.

I immediately gave Boss a full 1250# dose of Banamine paste, which he agreeably took. Hmm.. not a good sign. I hand walked him while R cleaned out his stall and paddock completely. No more hay scraps or grain nuggets, or old poop in the paddock. I even lightly longed him for a bit, and the longer I waited, the lazier he got. One tiny little fart, and no poop in sight.

Two hours later, we were pulling into Dr Sam's office, and Boss had pooped about ten hard turds. Not good either... Heart rate normal, temperature normal. Gut sounds limited. He checked for sand colic, nope. Found some very solid hard poop trapped in his colon, and got *most* of it out. Then, in through the nose the tube went into his tummy. Dr Sam pumped him full of water, mineral oil, epsom salts, electrolytes, probiotics. Boss stayed at Dr Sam's office for the afternoon. All vitals checked out good in the late afternoon, and he was able to return home.

Boss is on a modified diet for the next four days, and antibiotic powder. He's locked to his stall & paddock, and dove face first into breakfast. Well, after a little sniff to identify the antibiotic powder. I'm sure his nose said, "What's that?" And his brain said, "don't care.. Hungry.. Eat!"

This means Boss WON'T be making the trip with me to go see Trainer Sam this Sunday. Boo.. But! It does mean...
*drum roll pleeeeze*

Harley gets to go!! Road trip and his first "formal" lesson time. Fantastic! Should be fun!


SunnySD said...

Colic is scary stuff - hope Boss continues to feel good/better!

GunDiva said...

I hate the nose tubey thingy.

I'm sorry Boss colicked, but I'm glad he was taken care of and is feeling better already.