Saturday, January 7, 2012

1/6/11 Trot Poles, and My Mo

Boss Update
Ate good yesterday, drank better, good uh, *clears throat* output. :) He even stood patiently in his paddock while I rode the other two, a miracle I didn't expect. I did him a favor, and didn't take Romeo down the road, even though I wanted to.

Worked 45 minutes. All three gaits. I found a little "go" in his giddyup. Spurs. Little 1/4" nubbies. Not much, but when I asked with my calves and he ignored me, I gave a little nudge with my nubbies. Good go. Rode through the trot poles about 6 times each direction. I rode three times through each way, then picked up canter in the next corner. Wow! Lots of good "go", correct lead. One of the trot-pole sets leading into canter, I must've accidentally glanced at the pole set. Harley quickly turned, and lined up for the poles. Oops, not at canter, babydoll. Oops! I will set up a pole by itself today and try canter-over. Anxious to see how *that* goes. While I know there's plenty to be done at the "collected gaits", I'm bored, and I suspect Harley is, too. He is fighting the bit more now than he used to, and I really think he's just bored with the repetition.

Another 40 minutes. Good. Delightful, in fact. All except for that whole "left my spurs on, taking off" part. :) Yeah, everybody's reading this, and giggling to themselves, thinking, "Well, genius, whaddya expect? Put spurs on the horse that's already responsive, he won't slow down!" Yea, Yeah... enough from the peanut gallery out there.... ;)
Romeo and I rode through all the gaits, turns on forehand, haunches, side pass. Backed up circles each direction. I skipped rollbacks, since he was already pretty darn forward, he didn't need any encouraging. His canter was fast, and fluid. There for just a second, I imagined he was a nice reining horse, circling wildly around the arena. It was just for a second, then he tripped. That's my Mo. ;)

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Kate said...

Glad to hear Boss is doing well, & it sounds like both boys are doing pretty well too!