Friday, January 6, 2012

1-5-11AM Boss update, and other musings

I arrived home from work, and after letting the dogs out to potty, wandered back to Boss's stall. I found only an inch down off his pretty big water bucket. Shucks... After discussing with Dr. Sam and Jen, I gave Boss his 1/4 supper, mixed with antibiotics, electrolyte powder, a bit of water, and a touch of corn syrup (after finding some of the AM antibiotic powder still in his bucket, monster). He joyfully gobbled up supper. I found two nice poop piles in the paddock (and he gave me another while I was preparing supper for him and the others). I later found a tiny bit of grain "mush" left in his bucket. Added a touch more of water, and held it to his face.. Slurp!

Later in the evening, I found about two more inches down off the water bucket, so he was drinking a bit more. Good!! This morning, no change in the water, but the same joyful Boss dove into his breakfast. Good news again.

I'll be riding Harley and Romeo through their paces, and fighting off the rest of this awful headcold. Stuffy, sinuses bring on an inflamed headache by day's end. I have been fighting it since last Friday, when it began with a weak sore throat. I don't have any of the true signs of a sinus infection except for the evening headache.

I'm *still* excited about upcoming Sunday with Sam. Most Excellent!!

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SunnySD said...

Glad to hear Boss is on the mend - hope you are, as well! Have fun this weekend!