Saturday, January 28, 2012

1/28/12 I can't make this stuff up

So tonight, I grabbed Romeo first. More on the past week, and yesterday, well,, in a day or two. Now, the story from today is just too darn funny to pass up.. Anyways now.. I grabbed Romeo. Headed to the arena. No longe needed, he'd gotten that yesterday. I got him dressed, and off we went.

Played a variety of music on the mp3 player while we rode. Canter here, trot there, little walk now & again. After about 7 songs, and 40 minutes, we'd both had enough. I looked over, and remembered the pond was a bit full still. YAY it rained! Again, that's last week.. Now, where was I..

I walked Mo over to the pond. He buried some hoofs in the mud, and I thought, "Hmm.. Could be interesting enough." Walked him TO the pond... He hesitated, as if thinking, "Mom! It's muddy in there, and wet! And it's kinda cool out! Did I mention it's WET?!"

That's all it took. Harley, in his turnout sheeted, baby-face, smart alec self, says, "Hey Mo! Chicken! Here's how it's done!" And with all he had, Harley sploshed right into the water. In fact, Harley didn't just splish splash splosh in, he PAWED at the pond, looking back at Mo, giggling.

Mo got all "old & brave". He wandered through the water, even pausing a bit himself for some childish pawing. "Knock it off, you old fart!" I barked... Mo got the hint. We walked through the water a time or three, and started back towards the arena to gather his halter.

Harley, again, decided to be the dork in the pasture. Walked back into the water, pawing, splashing, making all a fuss. I turned Mo a 180 back to the pond, laughing. "Harley! Get outta there! SHhhht.. pssst! go GO!" No Go..

IN fact, Harley decided to LAY DOWN. That's right, folks.. Please laugh NOW. If you weren't laughing already, NOW is where the laughter goes. Harley LAID DOWN in the pond. He didn't roll (thank you very much), but he laid down. Now, I'm IN THE POND with Mo, who in no way wanted his feet to be wet at all, not to mention this long, making every single noise I knew possible in an effort to get Harley back up right again. NOTHING was working.

All laughter, I gave up. ."ah screw it! Mo, back to the barn! This is nucking futs!" I turned back to the arena yet again, and then Mo's head pops up. "MOM! Look at that freak!" he squealed at me, as Harley took off at a full out "lookie me racey" gallop back to the barn. I think I heard Harley holler, "Sh!t that's COLD!" I kept Mo heading back to his halter, when he turned 180 facing the barn. "Oh my, now what?!"

Here comes Harley, into the arena with us. Mo and I pushed him, like a stoopid cow (which he was beginning to resemble) out of the arena. I walked Mo back to his halter, there's Harley, right behind, licking & chewing. "Oh my goodness. You're soaking wet, son!"

His sheet was wet
His legs were dripping
I got wet
Mo was dripping
The SADDLE was wet

When I grabbed Harley to ride, I put the same endurance saddle on him, and headed to the arena.

Imagine my surprise, 45 minutes later, when Harley hesitated at the pond..

oi vey .. I can't make up stuff this funny...


SunnySD said...

Silly boys!

Jennifer said...

Nobody else read this entry and laughed their bums off?

*sigh* maybe you had to be there...