Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 - You Set the Goals

I see goals. All of ya. Amazing bunch of folks I follow in this here cyber-atmosphere, do ya'll know how awesome you are? I see folks setting riding goals, competition goals, getting fit goals, weight loss goals, goals all over the stinking place!

Me? I can't think of anything worth sharing publicly. Sure, I've got lots of wild ideas of things I can do. Things I'd love to do with Romeo, but I don't want to go it alone. Things I'd like to learn from Boss, if we don't kill each other first. Things I'd love to try with Harley, but I hate making assumptions that I'm doing it "right enough" to progress him farther at anything.

So here's the challenge. You guys and gals, from the blogspot readership, from my old DG-hangout days, from Facebook lurking, and even you random folks reading that are terrified I'll find out you're reading (*giggle* I see you!!!), Comment, Facebook, Email me.. Something! Send me an airplane with a banner across my back yard. Snail mail if you're brave and you trust my postal carrier not to drop it in a puddle.

Suggest some 2012 goals for Romeo and Harley. I've got an idea for Boss, but I'll keep that one to myself for now. You've got until 1-31-12.





SunnySD said...

Oh you brave soul!

I have one - I always enjoy reading about your schooling and showing, but I'd love to hear that you and Harley have tackled a trail ride. A small one with a couple fellow riders or an organized larger one, whatever you think suits the two of you better. Or even a trail clinic - sadly they don't offer those around here that I've found, but maybe down there?

At any rate, I think it would be good experience for Harley as he grows up, and maybe a nice change of pace for the two of you. :)

porkpal said...

How about a competitive trail ride? I used to take all my young event horses to one or more - great mileage! And no wild crazy people.
I no longer have time so I've lost touch with the available rides; check with NATRC.