Sunday, January 15, 2012

1/15/12 Round Two!

Again, I started with Boss. My legs were crying from Saturday's antics, but that sure wasn't going to stop my stubborn self. Ooh no, I can do this...

Out for a quick warmup longe, and I was up aboard Boss. No 4wheeling child in sight, I was happy to have my whip in hand. I tapped him with it once at the walk, and he moved out to work.

All three gaits, plus a bit of fun new today. New for me, for sure.

Shoulder in Trot
Haunches in Trot
Leg Yield trot

Fantastic. I was apparently "in the spot" with Boss, as I barely had to use my legs to get a change in gait. I shifted my outside leg back, started to squeeze, and he was in his canter, off we go! Boss glanced at the poles in the arena, I talked him out of it. :)

Insert Harley fantastic-ness here.

I grabbed Romeo, through screaming calf muscles. Mo, no funny business. It became apparently quickly into the ride, Romeo heard all but "no" in that sentence. Off he went, and the slightest nudge from my legs sent him bursting into a gallop. Wrong leads, and he didn't want to come back to a trot to change, either. NOT one of Mo's good days. Didn't help the game much I wasn't up to 100%, so I couldn't do a lot to control him through my seat, except to sit it out until he calmed down. Had I felt stronger, I probably would've ran him even longer, let him barely air-up, then go for another round. Instead, I settled for 30 minutes, and brought him back to the barn.

All three boys got new hooves trim today. Boss decided to try to wiggle around, and finally got his trim, after some serious discipline. I don't know if he gets bored, or stiff, but he doesn't stand with a hoof up for too terribly long before he gets antsy and pulls it away. Monster..

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