Sunday, January 15, 2012

1/14/12 All Three

I caught Boss first, and tacked him to go. Part of me worried he'd be the biggest effort, and doing him first would make me too sore for the other two. Eh, spurs if I have to, and make Mo go by verbal only.. . I can do this.

Boss longed nicely, quickly lowering his head, looking a bit bored. So I hopped on. As I mounted, I realized I'd forgotten my dressage whip, and the spurs weren't on my feet. Oooh boy ...

We rode for about 20 minutes. Walk, Trot, Canter. Things went pretty good, and I attributed his energy to the cooler weather. A neighbor boy whizzled by on his 4 wheeler. Boss looked inquisitive, but unbothered. The child, thinking he'd be funny I'm sure, whizzled by again, only this time, he played with the gas throttle, zoom zoom zooom, sput sput sput. Now, Boss was concerned. Those things never made funny noises like that anywhere else he'd been, with considerate barn owners, I'm sure. I glared at the child. This was apparently a wrong choice. Now junior-neighbor-4-wheeler proceeded to zip in and out of the treelines around the arena, zooming the engine anytime he could.

I glanced at my watch. 20 minute ride, 35 since we started. Okay, Boss. Kid wins, for today.

I came inside, got a quick drink, and grabbed Harley.
intermission, Harley gets his own posts for 1/14 & 15, you'll see why later.

Delighted with Harley's performance, I ate most of an apple (Boss finished it for me), and grabbed Mo. Mo was his solemn little self, and after a bit of goofy on the longe, he settled under saddle into a horse requiring a little effort and a lot of relaxed.

Mo went for about 35 minutes as well, and looked rather pleased with himself when we finished up.

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