Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chewie 07/21

TS Dolly, is, well, still TS Dolly. Looking like it'll stay south, give Brownsville a soaking, perhaps a few inches of much needed precip here.

Pulled the big Moose out of his pasture last night, polo wrapped front legs, and headed to the round pen for a romp. He seemed a bit better, tho' irregular. One little fit at a canter-left transition, but that might've just been "happy horse". Worked free lunge for about 20 minutes. To mix it up, I sacked him out with the whip a bit, over his back, head, neck, and legs. Then we worked on lateral flexion. Ended up he was happiest when I just tapped the girth area, rather than pulling on his halter. I either need to find a rope halter with the nose-knots, or keep going with the web halter and carry sugar cubes with me. Total work, including the flexion, about 45 minutes.

Participated in a telemarketing survey yesterday while cooking supper. Weirdest thing... the fellow asking the questions insisted he didn't know anything about politics, and didn't know the slightest thing about the upcoming Election. Posh - ImPossible! There's no way Junior isn't wondering why gas cost so much, and I don't believe he hasn't had a single lunch discussion about the Presidential Candidates. Bull-schmookey. The longer the survey went on, the more I was convinced he was lying. Most of the survey questions progressed towards, "Do you blame global warming for high fuel prices?" I answered vehemently "NO", and steered my answers more towards gas costing so much because Congress won't get off their rumps & approve offshore drilling, allowing us to increase supply, reducing demand, reducing the price. Anytime I'd give a conservative answer to his questions, he'd respond with a sad, frustrated, "oh". The man was lying - he was a bleeding heart liberal, and obviously didn't appreciate me skewing his "global warming is my fault" survey. I'm going to keep living in the country, drive my truck to work 35 miles each way, and buy as much gas as I need to keep it running. I'm whining about the high cost too; but I'm not going to blame Exxon Mobile & the like for making a profit. They've got kids to feed, too... some of them probably even have horses to feed.

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Mrs Mom said...

LOL! LOVE the torture of the Liberal. Go get em girl!