Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just Stay Calm, Don't Overreact...

That's about as likely to happen as pennies falling from the sky (where gravity & momentum don't cause said penny to crack somebody's skull).

Caught Chewie for a lunging last night, to some surprising sadness. He's limping. Not every stride, but eveyr few, and just enough "every fews" to cause lameness. I undid his surcingle, called Farrier and left a detailed message of his condition. Got a text message back stating "We'll be there tonight, after 6pm." I responded, "Can't be there, have to go out for brake repair."

Follow up Text message "If it's okay, we'll go anyway to check on him". My response, "Fine, but please call with any updates." Follow up "Will do". "Thank you" "No problem". Note the exaggerated effort to be kind... I tried. I really did. *gag*

Received a phone call later that evening. I'm told to "leave him some more days of R&R, and let us know if he gets better or worse." It's caused by the quicked hoof, and he's still healing, I need to be more patient.

So patient it is. I will wait a bit longer, and check him tonight. I am fearing abscess, but can't prove it. stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid...

Romeo & I worked out this morning. Focused on him, 99% of the ride. He is going to have to learn to be pushed up into the bit, that tossing his head upwards only yields more bit, stiffer arms, and less cooperation from me. I put legs on, asked for trot, and the second he popped his head up, was the moment I pushed more until he gave. He knows the right answer, he's just screening whether he wants to answer me or not. Overall, a happy hour's work.

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