Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hoof Update, and Other Remarks

Chewie's hoof is improving. He was a little happier to walk out on it yesterday, so I soaked again, lathered it up again, and bandaged it safely. He's still cooperating taking his meds, which is much appreciated. His lost shoe still hasn't been located in the pasture, so I think I'll saddle Romeo tonight & go searching. Pathetic excuse to ride the pony... Little Man will have a purpose.

In my "other remarks" for the day, I just went on a discussion board I frequent to dispell the use of DMSO for pain relief. Holy geez! This stuff is even cautioned on use for horses, for crying out loud. I pulled out an MSDS for the stuff, where it plainly states "chronic skin use over time has shown central nervous system effects such as dizziness, nausea, etc."

For crying out loud! Why can't we just go to the doctor when we're sick?! Is it really worth the risk to "self medicate", when there are over-the-counter creams and medicines to try? What level of common sense is required to read labels & research thoroughly before pill-popping? I'm all for herbal medicine, and mineral treatments, after they're suggested by a medical professional!! Those folks study hard in school to be qualified to treat us for our ills. I'm taking chromium picolinate & L-glutamine everyday for hypoglycemia, at a GP doctor's recommendation. The same folks that think DMSO is still safe probably want to insulate with asbestos & paint lead-based junk on the school room walls.

Please don't self-medicate, please don't diagnose over the internet. Save the cash & go to a doctor if you don't have insurance. If it feels bad enough to miss work, miss school, or leave you spending hours on the internet trying to guess the diagnosis, go to a doctor!

this little moment brought to you by my chemist little mind. tune in next time for "regular folks self-diagnose and end up in the ER for side-effects"... HMPH

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