Thursday, July 17, 2008

What Time is It?

When I got home last night, I noticed the clocks were all blinking... Power must've gone out while I was at work. There was a band of thunderstorms that rushed through the county, I figured I got more storm than I thought the radar showed. I reset the clocks all around, and went on with my evening.

In the middle of the evening at home, saddled Chewie dressage, sacked out in the round pen. A little canter left revealed that my western saddle holds me in better than I thought, and though it might not fit him 100% great, I might need to keep working on canter in it until I can sit my toosh easy in the dressage saddle. Total work near 45 minutes, good side rein warmup with plenty of slobbery flexion. His trot was phenominal - huge tiggery-trot. Transitions weren't as great up & down for walk. In his cool-down stretch-out trot, I was amazingly impressed how he immediately knew it was time to relax his trot, and stretch out. I don't know that I did much different, except that I wasn't quite as assertive mentally. It was neat that he knew when it was working-trot time, and when it was stretchie-trot time. Deer in the pasture, random wind bursts, but he did good throughout.

Went to bed like any other night peacefully. Woke up to the alarm music blaring, put on my bluejeans, put water in the coffee pot & hit start, went to the door, leashed MacKenzie, walked both dogs to potty #1, came back in the house. Turned the warm water on to wash my face, and decided to check my cell phone for any missed calls or messages. Hit a button on my phone... 12:10am.. What the? Looked at my alarm clock to confirm, it also said 12:10am. Hmm.. very bizarre. Then the lightbulb in my brain went off... When I reset the clocks, I forgot to reset the alarm time, so it defaulted to 12:00am, and like a soldier, I woke up & went on with the alarm noise. Took jeans off, shut off coffee pot & water faucet, turned all the lights back out, called the dogs, and went back to bed.

When the alarm went off again on time at 4:30am, I went potty, came back to fetch dogs for another brief walk out, and Kenzie looked at me, still in the bed, and I swear I heard, "Mom, seriously.. We don't need to go out every four hours. Just come back to bed." giggle Good puppies.. now c'mon. I need to get ready & get to work, this time, for real, seriously...

I think I heard dogs & cats giggling when I left for work...

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