Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What did I ask for?

June 30 - Rain
July 1 - Rain

July 2 - Chewie, hour's work, arena. W/T, preparing a few dressage movements from the tests.

July 3 - Rain

July 4 - Rode in the early AM, brought on a brief shower. Round pen,, western, w/t/c. About an hour's work.

July 5 - Chewie, hour's work, arena. Lots of focus on making straight lines, straight diagonals, stopping at "X" without some dramatic fuss.

July 6 - Horse-hookey. I gave Chewie a free lunge about 15 minutes before a rain storm battered the property. Round pen was really a bit too sloppy to ride anyways.

Decided after church Sunday to hop in the truck and drive to Houston. I needed those goofy white full-seats for the show, and the last time I ordered breeches through a catalog, I was more than disappointed. Girl at the store was uberly helpful, and earns a GOLD STAR in my "Book of Store Clerks I'd like to work with again". Three Cheers for the helpful clerk! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!

Last night, it rained in the afternoon, and I was horridly afraid it'd be too wet again for a sound ride. I was pleasantly surprised to find a dustless arena, and quiet skies. Thunder all around me, so I rode late after it passed through. W/T in the arena, worked on figure eights (2-loop serpentines, so says the test movement), diagonals at trot, and decided against the "circle 20M at trot, with 2-5 steps of walk when crossing centerline." That says to Chewie, "okay, Boy. Get yourself in a nice BIG trot. Okay, good.. Five trots, now "whooooaaaaa" down to a walk, three steps, goood... now, back to that big trot." Anybody ever tried to put quick brakes on an OTTB? HAH! I repeat that drill too many times, my Big Baby Chewie just might thump me, or bite me hard. Poor baby don't like that go & stop thing so much. I did learn one important thing - leave the gel pad off when riding in my dressage saddle. It seemed to lift the saddle a bit far off his back last week, and when I just used two square pads Monday night, it seemed much better. I felt more connected to his back, and was able to feel front & back legs' movement at walk. Much much better.. and good to know.

This morning, with a long work day ahead, I decided to come in late. Fed the boys brightly early, and at 6:15am, I was in the round pen, western with Chewie. Crisp morning air, bright blue sky with a few clouds, fog looming in the pastures just above the grass, does, fawns, and a 4-point buck grazing around us. It was one of those picturesque mornings when I realized I could retire riding that horse, on this property, and enjoy every morning like this. Alas... I'm too young to even think about retiring. It does, however, motivate me to keep dumping into my 401k every month. :) Total work, about an hour, canters left & right. Good solid trot, stretching down, but giving me back contact & upright trot when I asked for it. He's coming along nicely for the dressage show, and more importantly, we're getting better together at canter, which is prep for September hunter series.

All the rest of life, is, well, ... life. Knowing the four-leggeds around the house are well cared for, well fed, and loved, that's just enough for now.

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