Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Maybe I am, so What?!

Farrier confronted me yesterday afternoon & this morning. In his not-so-humble opinion, I'm uptight, selfish, and get upset too easily. This all in response to my recent frustrations - cancelled lessons, misplaced nail, injured horse, scratched show...

Yeah, so? I am allowed to have any reaction I want, I think. I'm allowed to have a frowning face, and a sad expression when my life goes unexpected. I think I'm justified asking for an explanation for a cancelled lesson (when I made special plans for the event).

They've told me before they like coming to my house, and like working with my horses. Now that I'm upset, I'm not a favorite client. Too bad.

I never said a mean word when the blood came out of his hoof. I never made any accusations, never said, "you ruined my weekend." In fact, when I felt like crying about the whole thing, I tried to hide behind Chewie's neck while they worked, ashamed I was upset by the event. When the comment was made, "it'll be okay. You can still probably compete Sunday, even with this problem.", I responded, "I've scratched, and I don't want to look like an idiot & change my word again.. I'm not going, it's that simple."

I live alone, my family's halfway across the country, I moved here knowing nobody, yep! I'm going to look out for myself, and I will be upset when I perceive mistreatment or being taken advantage of.

Plenty of Cat 2 Dolly rain bands around - the eye is far south, but living on the "Bad Side" yields rain & wind... yuckie.


Mrs Mom said...

OK- not sure what happened with Chewie and the farrier, but being a hoof care provider myself, and married to one also..... anytime there is blood from a hoof when hoof care is being provided--- THERE IS A PROBLEM.

If he is giving you crap now, I suggest giving crap right back to him, and either finding another hoof care provider, OR learning to do it yourself ;)

Take no garbage from anyone. Your horses rely on you- and from the sounds of things, you are a good Mom to them. Your farrier is entitled to his opinion, this is America. BUT that also means that YOU are free to vote with your check book too. ;)

Hope things smooth out there, and that Dolly leaves you only a bit wet. Sure wish we could get some of that moisture out this way...(Best watch what I am wishing We are liable to get exactly that!)

fssunnysd said...

I heartily second Mrs. Mom!

Not a farrier, but if you have a lame horse after having its feet done, you definitely have cause for concern, and you have every right to express that concern and ask questions.