Saturday, July 19, 2008

Have I seen You before?

Hey lady facing me in Burger King in the carpy looking t shirt, and shorts... playing with that $100+ cell phone... haven't I seen you before?

As I sit here, blogging away and checking for cheap gas before I hit the grocery store, I swear I've seen that lady before.

She looks an awful lot like the lady that was begging for gas money about a week ago at a ChicFilA in town. She came up to me, teary-eyed, begging for money for gas. I explained I would give her gas, if she'd wait for me to order, but no cash. I've done service work in NYC, and I never gave their beggars cash, but offered food if I thought they were real.

The lady said she'd wait while I got my food. Even pointed out her car to me. I bought my chicken caesar wrap, decided $25 was generous enough, and left with my order. When I got outside, she was gone. No car, no lady. I went to two neighboring stations, and still no lady. I laughed it off, figuring she was begging for cash, and her SO, whoever it was, was T'd off I didn't give her $$.

Now she's sitting over there, looking awful uncomfortable. I guess it would be hard to eat Burger King fast food, and stare at the person that offered you good will. Especially since I saw her & two other men get out of that four-door F150 (with a U-Haul car trailer hitched up behind it).

I don't like being taken advantage of... but right now, I'm awful glad she didn't wait around for the gas, because I'd be over there, asking for my money back.

OOOOOH... People are stupid.... stupid stupid stupid...

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fssunnysd said...

Sorry you're missing your show, and sorrier that poor Chewie got quicked! I've been lucky that my boy's been able to go barefoot but for the time he spent with the trainer as a three-year-old. I've always dreaded having a nail go in wrong, or a shoe pull off badly.

I'll be pulling for you both - abscessed feet are just rotten to deal with.