Monday, July 14, 2008

Updates, Rants, & Raves

Worked on flat with Chewie most of the week. One day lunged him over crossrails to discover he's learned how to trot to, and canter from, 18" crossrails. A very good week overall.

What a short update..

On to the Rants... I was supposed to have a lesson Sunday, and it was cancelled with late notice. This has happened before, and it's an issue that will be dealt with, I just need to figure out how. I don't usually get a good reason for cancellations, except a brief and useless text message of, "I can't come today." Knowing I am a paying customer, I'm not real satisfied with the service, and need to figure out how to complain without burning bridges. I ended up keeping my plans for Chewie, taking him to a nearby arena to work on dressage tests with another rider in the arena, and cow-horse arena spooks (barrels, pole tags on centerline, stray dog wandering about, noisy cars driving by, wind whistling debris all about, roping steers bustling in a pen, mooing furiously, emergency service vehicle sirens blaring... the works). He did great, and I was happy he handled it all so well.

Rant #2.
What a dork! I grew up in this guy's district. During graduate school, I saw an interview on PBS, where Veon boasted "he had done so much in the region with taxpayer's support"... It was a flat lie. Steel mills were closing all over the valley, big businesses were laying off & cutting back, taxes were higher than the average income, and welfare was more prevalent than a paycheck. I sent him an email, asking "What exactly are you doing with my money, because I don't see anything going well." He jumped all over me in a series of follow-up emails, assuming I was a "spoiled rich kid who never knew what it was to have a real job" (Yup, that scholarship & teaching assistant job sure spoiled me). We exchanged emails throughout my grad school tenure, and I followed his lack of a useful career after I moved to SC. I always tried to ask valid questions, and he'd always respond with name-calling, and immature nonsense.

Well, his time came that he was voted out of office, by a science teacher I had in high school. I disliked the teacher, but I disliked M Veon more. So I sent him a "farewell, you loser" email, and never heard a word.

Mr Veon, you slime of an individual - While my parents struggled to get by with their incomes & taxes, watching any "new" programs in the valley support either senior citizens or welfare-dozen-baby-mommas, you slithered around the region, ruining the middle class economy. I couldn't find a job that matched my education, since there aren't any real large businesses in the area anymore, but a slew of retail and low-paying WalMart jobs. You let it get that way. And YOU STOLE. How absolutely repulsive. I guess since you couldn't find anything helpful to do with the taxpayers' donations, you decided to pay off folks to work for your campaigns. You owe all of the district an apology, and a mature explanation. If I find an email address, you can be 100% sure I'll be right back on your tail, giving you my four cents worth of my opinion.

Woo.. that felt good!

And, the Raves... Three Cheers go out to Mexican QH "Amigo", for treating me to a few laps around the arena of "chase the steer", following my ride on Chewie. Amigo again was the perfect gentleman, loping & rolling back, keeping right on the steer's tail, making sure he was only as fast as I could stay on. That, my friends, is why the Western saddle has a handle - for me to stay atop Amigo. Way to go, good buddy!

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