Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dodging the Storms, and Check This Out!

Gotta big yuckie thunderstorm again yesterday late afternoon. When I arrived home late, there were puddles all over the yard. Good for grass, good for grazing hooves, not so good to ride. Glad I got my work in the morning.

Tonight, a tentative lesson is scheduled - arena, dressage. Woo Hoo! No promises, as I don't know footing conditions, or what today's weather will bring. Mister-Can't-Predict-Worth-a-Phooey Weather-dorks say 50% chance of more rain.

Check it Out! Max Corcoran from the O'Connor eventing team, has a blog going. It's about as cool as being there in person. I can only dream of having horses, or courage, as amazing as those riders.

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