Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Trot at A... Or was that F...

studying studying studying

My mind is in gear, brain in action, and it's almost like BioChemistry all over again.. I'm memorizing dressage tests. It's nearly as intense as memorizing the metabolism of sugar or carbs in the body. I printed up all my w/t dressage tests, Intro A&B, HDS I, II, and III. I have A, B, and I in my head, I think. Discovered this morning I had too many "double diagonals" in B memorized. It's two straight diagonals at trot, one double-diagonal at walk. JEEZ!

Show is July 20, same stables as the other. I had full intentions on riding last night, put Chewie in the arena, and show him what real work with Momma meant out there... I had all of the standards, and ground poles out of the arena, halter in-tow. Boom, boom, boom goes the thunder overhead. I thought, "No big deal, I can do this." I looked over my shoulder at the storm clouds, and saw the lightening flashing. OOPS! Insert big chicken here! I don't mind noisy thunder, but not visible lightening.

Repeat plans for tonight, instead. Both boys were happy to have the night off, and the puppies appreciated my company on the couch.

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