Monday, November 17, 2008

11/13/08 MacKenzie... Bad dog!

Went out to feed the boys, and I took the dogs, like I normally do. Didn't think much of it, as I let go of Kenzie's flexi-leash. She normally stays right around the stalls, comes when I call her... Yeah, you all know where this is going.

Off she went, like a flash. She dove into the pasture woods, ran down the fence line, and ducked underneath the neighbor's barbed wire fence. I took Allie with me in hopes she'd at least come back to see the other dog. No such luck. I called and called, and drove up & down the two roads in the neighborhood, called, and called, and called. Nothing.. Well after dark, I gave up, and went inside. Had a friend come over & call along with me, still no such luck. Nothing we did was getting her to come back home.

I went to bed, frustrated. Woke up a few times not able to sleep, but figured Kenzie had layed down somewhere in the shadows, and would be easier to find in daylight.

Got up 5a.m. Friday morning, took Allie outside for her morning dailies, and there was Kenzie, standing on the front porch, leash dragging behind her covered in sticks & rose hedge. Took her for the morning walk, and brought her back inside.

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