Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Neat Day, and It's Vets Day

It's neat how I can walk in here to my desk, blog some sad song lyrics, and then just as quick, let them go. I was cheerfully greeted in what I feared would be a miserable day. Good conversation, and spent the middlest part of my day with an ex installing new lab equipment. There was initially enough tension in the room to cut cheesecake with a chainsaw, but it subsided, and we were almost getting along, having a complete conversation without saying a word... Much more relaxing than I anticipated.

But anyways, moving along.. "Back at the Outhouse, things are piling up..." =)

I read Mrs Mom's update, and realized, I'm a slacker.. It's Veterans Day. Thank you to our veterans. I'm going to list a few I know..

Thank you Carl A, for serving overseas, in secret intelligence, snooping in on the bad guys changing their boxer shorts
Thanks Dad, for having the courage to do what I don't
Thank you, Uncle Butch, for your service
Thank you Grandpa J, for your commitment, and example to your sons
Thank you Robin, for your service in the Reserves

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