Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It was a Trip

And a half. I'm in Charlotte now, half-way back home. The trip was one I needed to make, but not one I can say I enjoyed. I was asked, "Will you miss being home?" and I answered, "I won't lie. I'm looking forward to getting out of the middle of this mess." Maybe unkind, but honest.

Had the chance to ride Sunday afternoon with a co-worker of Mom's. He has a 20 YO AHQA mare, Caramel, and a 2YO Percheron-Paint cross, Orion. I rode Caramel extensively, walk, jog, lope. Very sweet, well trained pleasure horse. She responded to every cue I gave, including leg & seat cues. Very relaxing and encouraging that I haven't lost my knowledge of how to ride a trained horse. Also rode Orion just a little, and learned how much I don't know about riding an untrained baby. I asked him to turn left, bit and leg, he refused, I thumped with my right leg, he crow-hopped. He landed, I thumped again. *giggle* He turned. Caramel was just what the doctor ordered on Sunday afternoon... much appreciated. I have a short video clip and a picture I'll get out here eventually.

USAirways surprised me with a middle-seat from here to Houston - An unfortunate surprise. I would have much more appreciated an aisle or window (as I thought we paid for), and even tried to upgrade to First Class, but no success. The middle it is. I didn't get a boarding pass for this second flight in Pittsburgh, and here, when the lady handed me the boarding pass, she said, "It's not a great seat, but you have one." I thought, "What the heck?! That wasn't what I paid for... oh well. It's not worth the argument. People are stupid!"

I am blessed... and I'll be very relaxed in my home-state, even if it does mean being stuck in Houston traffic headed home. I will leave you with the same message I'm sharing with everybody I talk to today...
Vote Early
Vote Often!
Can't complain for the next four years unless you participate!!!

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