Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm in Philadelphia, Musings on my HomeTown

"Half way Home". It's going to be a stressful trip, I can already feel it. Please pray for peace... for me, and immediate family. Dad just said to me, "I really admire your strength for choosing to come home knowing what you're walking into. You're a good kid." Here's hoping that's still the case in a few days.

Plans are to stay in town and depart Tuesday. The kids are all boarded and/or cared for at home. I'm going to miss my boys terribly.

Here's that loping video of me & Romeo. Yee Haw Buck-A-Roo!

He's in the "wrong lead", but we had a blast!!! There's a bit near the end with a little trot work, and a little rollback or two. I did the trot because this was the second video clip, and I wanted to make sure he doesn't get in a habit of "walk, trot, canter" in that order and always quit after canter. I need to focus on going back to trot-work and play with some collection work after the canter. Cantering those circles loosens up his brain, and his body. He gets really focused after the canter, and always trots & backs up sweeeeet.

As I titled this, I'm in PHL airport, and I strongly dislike this airport. It's not well mapped, not well labelled, and, unless you know exactly where you're going, it's quite hard to navigate. The people are friendly, enough. That's what's great about Texas... everyone is friendly. I can smile & say "hi" to anybody in TX, and they smile & say "hi" back. No questions, no curious glares, no untrusting responses. It's a great place to live.

In this family mess, I have realized how great I do have it in Texas. Good job, great hobby (ability to afford a hobby that ain't cheap like knitting or sudoku puzzles), great friends like Cowboy Les, and generally, I feel safe everywhere I go. I can't remember a time in TX I got the "scared heebeejeebie" feeling that somebody was following me. Oh, well, there was that one time .... ah, well... the police were at least polite when they came to answer my call. I generally feel that I have more than one or two people I can "call on" if I need something. It's far from PA, and a bit warmer than I wanted to live, but I really do like it there, and plan to stay as long as there's work.

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