Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's Finally Fall

And I couldn't be happier. I'll find a way to get a link up to my local weather somewhere's on here... But anyways, let me summarize it for you. It's supposed to go down near 45F tonight, and near 40F on the weekend. Hallelujah! God remembered this little Yankee and gave me the fall I want!!!

How excellent! I will be able to ride without sweaty miserable horses, I can put on a long sleeved shirt again, feeding in the evening will not be overrun with nasty rank mosquitoes. I feel so blessed to live where it never snows and almost never freezes.. until around September, when it's still bloody 90F hot during the days, sometimes humid in the mornings. It's unbearably hot here too many months of the year.

And I'm finally blessed with at least one sweet weekend! Can't wait to pick up turnouts at the cleaners tonight, and be able to cover Chewie in a clean turnout sheet. :) keep the winter fuzzies away.

Tomorrow, we go for new feet. I will take pictures before, and after, and put them up on the picture site with links. I am going to drive Mr Don the Farrier absolutely nuts, I'm sure. I want pictures of each trip before & after, and I won't stop taking pictures until I see marked progress. I want my old horse back - I want my cantering hunter trotting over ground poles, easy going Chewie back. And when he gets happy feet again, I will have that horse.

Tonight, I'm planning on at least free in the round pen. I am also considering a really quick warmup, followed by about 30 minutes of ground driving. Dig out the surcingle, and get him in the long lines.

I will post tomorrow, at some point, with at least a recap of what Don tells me during the visit. What is getting better, and what if anything is getting worse.

If ya'll are of the praying nature, please remember me and my parents. I don't know who reads this and doesn't tell me they do, but I'll summarize - things suck. It's not good, there's been a lot of immature hollering, and I'm my parents' child, for certain. Just pray for peace, and resolution. Can't ask for much more yet. GMail me if you want to pray for specifics.

Pessimist blood type? B-negative


watchingpuddles said...

I'll pray for your family - I hate when my family has those random moments of grumpiness. I'm certain that you guys will be just fine.

I can also feel you on the fall weather. I'm from PA originally, and now I live in Florida. It's awesome, but I get sooooo homesick in October and November!

Maybe you would be willing to send some positive vibes my way, too? I need advice/prayers/therapy (lol). See my latest post on my blog.

Jennifer said...

Consider it done. I'll visit and read up probably more this weekend. Just saw you're following. Welcome to the crew.