Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm Not Alone, Afterall

I've been reading a lot of other blogs, and their bad luck and big falls.

The Eventing Percheron tops the list with her latest show videos. It's not for the weak, so don't look if you don't like to watch people fall. Glad to hear she is okay, and also glad to hear Brego fared well, and jumped again.

Of Horses & Men wrote vaguely about a big fall, with broken bones. Yuck! Whatta fall.. It's hard to tell from the blog entry what really happened, but I'm glad to hear her horse is okay, and she isn't hurt worse.

Training the VLC (FHoTD) wrote about all the things that adults think about that children riders take for granted, and commented that not only are kids unbreakable and flexible beyond reason, they have remarkable balance, and this innate sense of "how to stay on" when the horse has other plans.

FSSunnySD wrote a book review written all about a lady falling off her horse & working through the courage to get back on.

These have all given me confidence. Wow, that reads really rude & insensitive. That's not what I mean at all. What I mean is, reading about other adult riders going "splat" is giving me hope in two ways. One, it says "It's okay to go splat! Everybody's doing it." Secondly, it says, "I'm not the only rider on the planet to have my mind shook out of it's socket for falling. A lot of other people fall off their horses, in hunter saddles, on the flat, over fences, trying to be brave, trying new things. They get back up, dust off their hunt coat, dust off the horse, check for wounds, and get back on.

I'm glad to be sticking in the saddle. Admittedly, I wish it were my hunter or dressage saddle, and I wasn't "hiding" in that deep-seated barrel saddle, but for now that'll do. I'd love to be in the show ring in a flat class, or cantering over little fences. Right now though, I want to learn how to canter my horses with confidence. We'll work on the fences later.

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